In November 2009, I released a full-length album entitled "The Ganges Will Run Dry" on Montreal label Le Son 666.                             


1) And if thou shalt refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all
thy borders with shoes (excerpt)
2) Po Nagar (excerpt)
3) Lhasa (For Ron Hallis) (full)
4) Sangam Dub
5) Quantum Birds for Walt Whitman
6) Le Petit Sauvage (excerpt)
7) The Ganges Will Run Dry (excerpt)
8) Like a Watch Dog
9) Drum Circle

10) Speed Boats on the Great Lakes
11) Isotopes (excerpt)
12) Lower 9th Ward
13) Tusarnituuq (excerpt)

Graphic design by Michael Jachner

This album contains samples from the following artists:
Ennio Morricone, Earl King, Delia Derbyshire, Harlem Underground Band, Les Blank, Marc Levin, Lee "Scratch" Perry, King Tubby, R. Gordon Wasson, Kongar-Ol Ondar, Henry Cowell

Available at:
atom heart, 364b sherbrooke est/east. 514.843.8484
cheap thrills, 2044 metcalfe 2e étage/2nd floor. 514.844.8988
l'oblique, 4333 rivard. 514.499.132
Or can be ordered by contacting

In March 2009, I released an album on net label Panospria.

This album attempts to bridge the gap between academic and urban approaches to sound art. I re-appropriate the technical and conceptual aesthetics of Hip-Hop and Dub idioms. These idioms are often neglected from sound art history and academic dissemination, despite their innovative uses of textural and timbral manipulation. In contrast, I believe that King Tubby and Kool Herc were using electroacoustic techniques as complex as those of Stockhausen or John Cage.

Live improvisation with Peter Kutin This is an excerpt from a live performance on February 12, 2009 at Le Cagibi in Montreal. This was an improvised collaboration between Austrian sound artist Peter Kutin and myself that we diffused through a 4-channel speaker configuration.  

Where does time go?
This composition was produced in 2006. It is one of my first attempts at musique concrete/tape music. The source material includes bicycle bells, mechanical clocks, and digital clocks. This piece was inspired by John Oswald's "Bell Speeds".