Sound maps are in many ways the most effective auditory archive of an environment, touching on political, artistic, anthropological, and technological facets.
Montreal sound artist Nimalan Yoganathan recently participated in an artist residency in Inukjuak, Nunavik during July and August 2009 (funded by Conseil des Arts et des lettres du quebec). He was studying and recording the sonic environment to gain insight into the richness of Inuit culture. The Inukjuak Sound Map aims to create an archival database of these recordings. Nimalan also led weekly sound art workshops for Inuit youths aged 13 to 16, during which they were taught outdoor field recording techniques. Each youth was given their own digital recorder to document their sound walks around the community. Their recordings have been included in the Inukjuak Sound Map as well.

The Inukjuak Sound Map will be hosted by Radio Canada International as part of their Eye on the Arctic project.